Experience.  Started out in the days of film.  Pasadena City College Photography & Design.  Dating a screenwriter who was a former Ad-Man in St. Louis.  Went to work for a catalog company and pretty much lied for a living.  Made crap products look great on some of America's top models.  Really got dialed in with technical studio and location lighting.  Two or three years doing that.  Amazing experience and education.  Moved to downtown L.A. and struck out on my own. 
​Simultaneously lost the boyfriend to kidney failure, started in the acting part of show biz and kept shooting anything that crossed my path.  Studying at the Scientology based acting school (not a member just a student) landed me in the middle of some crazy good talent, and the philosophy, "Don't do middle class."  From this I coined the phrase, "Don't do slight shit."  My dad died, not far behind my boyfriend and I somehow 

ended up alone in the mountains with a shaved head.

Hence the Bald Chick, a name coined by Escape From L.A. Director, John Carpenter.

Photography became entwined with acting and working as "Talent" for hundreds of music videos, T.V. shows and movies.  Most I found cozied up to the cutting room floor, but at least I wasn't pouring coffee.

Photography needed to be authentic.  I gravitated towards shooting the backstage friends, socially out casted and the super famous.  From Chris Hoy (boyhood friend of the Red Hot Chili Peppers) to the Dalai Lama.  I wanted; The Soul, The Vibe, The Authentic.  

Stars are just people, but not all people can be stars.  There's a shit load trying and they're all important in my book.  My job was to get to their truth.  Their talent.  Cuz for just a few hours they were Stars in front of my cameras. 

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